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Welcome to TaxLawGH...TaxLawGH was set up primarily to contribute to the development of taxation in Ghana by providing basic tax information and initiating discourse on topics around taxation and the law relating to taxes in Ghana. What was initially supposed to be a very basic blog on taxation and fiscal policy in Ghana, now has a rapidly growing social media presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTubeInstagram and Facebook where we ensure that simplified and easy to understand information on taxation (and fiscal policy) in Ghana is readily available to everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge in taxation.

An offshoot of this project is the TaxLawGH Tax Academy that provides FREE high-quality (and we mean high-quality) tuition and exam practice videos on taxation in Ghana on YouTube. These videos comprehensively cover the syllabus of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana), the Chartered Institute of Taxation (Ghana), Bachelors or Masters level programs in taxation, Law School courses in the "Law of Taxation", among others.

And oh...a quick disclaimer. Everything you see on this site (and on @taxlawgh social media pages) is the content manager's opinion and his opinion only. Nothing (nothing at all) should be interpreted as representing the opinion of his employer and/or of any of the professional bodies he is a member of, or interpreted as representing professional tax advice. You should contact your tax advisor for all professional tax advice.

Finally, we would have loved to remain anonymous, but if you deliberately visited the "About" page and read up to this point, you clearly want to know who is behind this, don't you? Here you go...


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