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 . .) from every country in the world, and make decisions about how each country develops, revolts, joins or splits alliances, and competes with other players. Each player starts with a set of policies that represents a plan for developing his or her country. These include policies for a variety of sectors including agriculture, industry, education, science, health, defense, domestic matters, etc. Players start the game at varying levels of power, so that they are all on a roughly equal footing from the beginning. Each of these sectors affects the power of other sectors as well. The player can use his or her power to encourage, discourage, or impose policies in other sectors. All sectors develop independently of one another. A cycle of development and crisis begins. Each of the two players uses the power he or she has accrued to establish and manage sectors. At the same time, each player must balance his or her need to grow with the need to avoid over-taxing the sector in which he or she is strongest. The cycle of development, crises, and power accumulation continues. Each player controls the player he or she is most like, though the skills that most players have in a particular sector may have less effect on others than the skills that other players have in those sectors. History The game was first written by John M. Cermak. Cermak finished the game in May 1993 and sent it to a few beta testers in May of that year. In the spring of 1994, Cermak self-published the game in floppy disks through a local game store, and in the fall of 1994, he advertised for beta testers through a small number of gaming magazines. The game was originally written in Basic and published on a Macintosh Plus. It was later ported to Microsoft Windows and published by the former software company Interactive Information Systems, Inc. (IIS). In the spring of 1996, Cermak released a beta version of the game on CD-ROM. In the summer of 1996, the first official version was released for sale, in a CD-ROM version. The game was sold in print form for the first time at Gen Con in the summer of 1997, and in the fall of 1997, the game's first online version was released, with a client version for the use of those without internet access. In the spring of 1998, Cermak released the first version of the game's expansions. A second expansion called "GPS4 The New Middle Ages" was released in




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